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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Drum and Percussion Instructor


  Gordon has been teaching percussion for over twenty years both in one-on-one and classroom environments.  With a Bachelor of Music from U of C and training from several other music schools, Gordon brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the teaching studio.  Working with his students, he has produced five percussion CDs and has built their love for and skills on drums and percussion instruments.
   Gordon charges $100 month ($25 a lesson) and can be reached at (587) 596-1502.  For scheduling, please contact the Turner Guitar Studio at (780) 986-2251.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guitar Instruction

Theodore Turner
Theodore is the most experienced teacher at The Turner Guitar Studio, with a University degree in music, 23 years of teaching experience, and a professorship at Concordia University College. He is fully versed in the theory and technique aspects of guitar, and is also able to teach bass, and introductory banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and voice. In his career he has taught several thousand different student's so no matter your abilities or inabilities, he will find a way for you to overcome any obstacles, and become a proficient musician, and gain the skills you wish to acquire.
He charges $120 per month, ($30.00 per half hour lesson), and is currently teaching in the store on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. For scheduling you can call him on his cell at 780-915-7676, or e-mail him at tguitars@live.ca

James Turner

This is James' 6th year teaching guitar, so any intermediate and beginner students will do well with him. James interests mostly lay in the acoustic, folk, and rock genres; however he has a lot of experience teaching everything from heavy rock, to pop, to country, to classical, and everything between. James takes special care in explaining the fundamental concepts of playing, rather than just showing you a bunch of songs. With this individualized approach you can learn at your own pace, learning songs that you are interested in, and focusing on your specific challenges. He charges $100.00 per month, ($25 per half hour lesson), and has a fairly open schedule (being that he runs the store and is always there), and can take students any time during our regular hours. 

Piano and Voice Instruction

Marissa Turner

   Marissa began her musical studies with piano lessons at the age of twelve, followed by voice lessons a year later. At eighteen she achieved both the Gr. 8 Piano as well as the Gr. 8 Voice Certificates through the Royal Conservatory of Music. She continued her vocal studies through the RCM, graduating Gr. 10 as an Alberta Provincial Gold Medalist in 2011.
   Marissa has enjoyed participating in many local music festivals over the years. She has also been privileged to attend the Alberta Provincial Music Festival three times, the last time representing the city of Edmonton in the Senior Vocal Class.
   In 2008 and 2009 Marissa traveled throughout Canada, The United States, and Europe with the Canadian University Choir as a first soprano and occasional soloist. She now enjoys directing her local church choir in Leduc. 
  Marissa began teaching private music lessons in 2006. She is a patient, yet disciplined teacher who oppreciates commited students that love music! Marissa teaches beginner through intermediate levels in both voice and piano. She accepts students from the age of 5 to adults. Students are encouraged to participate in RCM examinations, the Leduc Music Festival and private studio recitals held twice yearly. Please note that all musical instruction is classically based, and no pop styles will be taught.

Contact Information

Call or text 780-996-8393
E-mail jmturner@telus.net


Piano Lessons: Monday $74/month, Tuesday-Thursday $80/month
Voice Lessons: Mon. $92.50/month, Tuesday-Thursday $100/month

Violin Instruction

Eugene Poholka 
Eugene is a retired elementary school principle, and is great with kids as well as adults. He has been playing and teaching fiddle and violin for many years, and is an exceptional player. He lives in Breton, so he is only in the store one or 2 days per week, but he will do what he can to accommodate you and your situation. 
You can reach him at home at (780)696-3878, or on his cell at (780)542-0622.

Guitar Repairs

  We offer guitar repair services at great prices. We can work on most common issues with guitars, including but not limited to: Restringing, string action and intonation set-ups, part replacements, electronic replacements and modifications, hardware installation, and some structural damage (ie. lifting bridges,broken off head-stocks or necks, broken braces, and more). We never charge for diagnosing or quoting repairs, so if you have any issues with your guitar, banjos, uke, violin, mandolin, amplifier, etc. just bring it by the store, and we will give you a quote on the parts and labour. We try to stock as many different parts as we can, so the more commonplace problems can usually be taken care of fairly quickly. We have a large selection of acoustic pick-ups in stock, as well as the ability to get most of the more common brands of acoustic and electric guitar pick-ups within a few weeks. This includes, but is not limited to, EMG, Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, Lace, Fishman Schaller, B-Band, MISI, Dean Markley, and more. We can sometimes repair other things such as amps, electronics, odd ball instruments, and so forth, so it's always worth bringing it by to find out if we can do something, and how much it will cost. 

Restringing Policy

Our instrument restringing policy is as follows:

  • If you bought a guitar from us, we will restring that guitar free of charge for the first year after purchase, as long as your buy strings from us.
  • If you are currently taking music lessons with one of our instructors, we will restring it free of charge as well.
  • Single string replacements are free of charge if you buy the string from us. 
  • Restringing of electrics with floating bridges (ie. Floyd Rose), will cost $25.00, with a basic set up.
  • Restringing of classical or 12-string guitars will cost $8.00.
  • Restringing of standard electric guitars or steel string acoustics will cost $4.00
  • We also restring violins, mandolins, ukuleles, banjos, basses, and many other instruments with varied prices.
We will clean up and tune any instrument we restring, and do minor adjustments if necessary.